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More Pictures from December

Gazing at Gran on Cookie Day

Hanging with Aunt Bebby

Visiting Osage and cuddling with Auntie G

Loving Auntie Hams and Auntie Six

“Auntie Six likes to giggle a lot around Mommy”

The gang with the new addition

Grommel and her little guy

Cuddling with Daddy after a long day of visiting

Christmas Eve

All dressed up for Christmas Day service

Wearing his first ski hat from Gran-trying to be like cool Unca B

My beautiful necklace from Gran

Another fun hat

The NJ Putmans 2011

His first bike ride 🙂

Hanging with Daddy at Aunt Christina’s

A sleepy Evan with his adorable cousin Simone

Hanging with Mom Mom

I’m so excited to be with Uncle Daryl!!

And Aunt Rhonda!

And certainly not least…Grommel 🙂

Catching up-December 2011

 Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new… but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design?  ~Paracelsus
So I have not been as adept at keeping up with this blog as I had intended.  I do apologize to those dedicated readers who like to check and see updated pictures of our little bug.  I have been uploading pictures to our computer and sending them that way but I haven’t been adding to this blog like I should.  I want to be able to look back on this with Evan one day and have him have a keen understanding of the amazing blessing that his life is for us.  Things have been going really well for us here at the Putman household.  
The last time I checked in, Evan had just had a minor surgical procedure called a circumcision revision.  He did so well that day, we were so proud of our little guy.  He had just turned 6 months that week.  Unfortunately a week later to the day, we had an unexpected visit to the ER after he gave us a little scare.   He had been healing just fine all week and we had been following the  doctor’s recommendations.  That evening he was crying in an uncharacteristic way and we both assumed that he was teething.  When I went to change him, his whole pelvic area was swollen and hard to the touch and there was blood on his diaper. The poor guy was in so much discomfort.  After a harried phone call to his urologist, we were advised to get to the ER bc of a possible infection.  We took him to Virtua Voorhees which now has a pediatric ER that was wonderful.  We were treated so well, and the doctor came into the hospital himself to see Evan at 11 pm at night when he had surgery to perform the following morning at 8 am. A round of heavy antibiotics later and three soaks a day for several days, and he was almost back to new with the exception of a little residual bleeding.  They think he had a hematoma that broke under the skin while he was healing.  Poor little guy! He was such a trooper.  He had to go weeks and weeks without using his bouncer! That was probably the hardest for him.  
December was a busy month of firsts for Evan and for us as a family. We went Christmas tree shopping together, had Brian out for an early Christmas celebration, went to the Comcast Center light show in Philadelphia with the Kampes family, and celebrated Evan’s first Christmas.  Lisa and Charlene came over for our annual holiday get together and we had company over for New Year’s Eve as well! It was a whirlwind for sure, but we just have so many great people in our lives to share the holidays with. (sorry for ending with a preposition…) Here are some pictures from the above events:
Where we bought our tree, but we went to the Franklinville location this time, and LOVED it!

Mommy and Evan in front of our tree!

We introduced Evan to our love of cutouts

His first experience with farm animals 🙂

Happy Family

Scarlett, little George, Lisa, Simone, and Evan- Cousins!

Brian with his signature stocking excitement 🙂

Evan opening his first Christmas gift from Uncle B

Uncle B and his nephew

Playing with his music activity table

Fun at 6.5 months

Putting his first ornament on the tree
First Pic with Santa (Nancy’s Dad)

Hmmm, is your beard real?

Family shot

Hanging out with Craig and Wyatt Kampes

Yup, I’m cute.

Catching Up Part Four- Thanksgiving

He is a wise man who does not grieve
for the things which he has not,
but rejoices for those which he has.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving holiday this year, spending it with different sides of the family throughout the weekend.  Wed night we went out to dinner with my mom and her fiance- woo woo!, Rich, and then Thurs-Sat morning we stayed at my sister in law’s and then Sat I went to a baby shower at my good friend Kim’s house. And on the way home  I stopped by Debbie’s place to surprise her with her grandson and was happy to find she was babysitting my nieces so the cousins all got to hang out for a little bit. It was a very busy holiday weekend but I am grateful for all the people in my life that kept us so busy.  Here are some highlights:
Evan and his GrandRich

His first place setting created by his cousin

Pappy and Daddy looking very much the same.

Mommy’s little Turkey with his Grommel

In his big boy holiday outfit

Hanging out before dinner

Waiting to get changed

Having his own Thanksgiving feast.

Catching Up Part Three- Visit with Talia, Eliana, and Sean Patrick

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” 
Recently, Evan and were able to visit with my very dear friend, Talia and her daughter Eliana in their new, BEAUTIFUL home. Talia is a very special person in my life, she was the matron of honor in my wedding and she is my “superfriend” as I like to call her. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend as dedicated, loyal, and compassionate as Talia is.  Her daughter is a doll, and Evan enjoys watching her and studying her every move. (might be an early crush, who knows…) Here are some fun shots from our visit:
Playing with Sophie the Giraffe

He just loves her!

And I think she loves him right back 🙂

I ADORE this picture.

Happy to be with Aunt Talia

She was loving this crazy voice I was making


 We also were able to meet Sean Patrick, who was born on November 9th to our friends Caitlin and Kris. He is very sweet and we are so happy for them!

Sean Patrick, one day old

Such a cutie!

Holding the little guy


Catching Up Part Two- Evan’s PA Putmans Party

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.  ~Jane Howard
Earlier this month,  we visited my mother and father in law out in Western PA.  We had not been out to their house in quite some time, and definitely not since Evan was born.  So they had a sort of “coming out” party to introduce Evan to the extended family.  Not only did Evan get to meet a lot of new family members, so did I!  Here are some highlights:
Evan admiring his Grommel P

Posing with cousin Tammi

Harold, Shirley, and George

My face might freeze that way one day.

My adorable husbo

Aunt Carolyn and her beautiful granddaughter Sanantha

Evan’s Pappy

Just hanging out with Daddy
E with cousin Tammi

Evan with Tammi’s grandmother, Nancy

Nice shot of all my in-laws

Had to do a silly shot too! (LOVE every last one of them)

Catching Up Part One-5 Months and Halloween

One must learn a different… sense of time, one that depends more on small amounts than big ones.  ~Sister Mary Paul
Taken at 5.5 months
I have been a little lax with the blog in the past month or so, sorry about that! Evan turned 6 months his past weekend and he had minor surgery this week, so it has been pretty exciting around here.  All is very good though!  Here are a few shots from his first Halloween:
Obligatory Fun Holiday Shirt

Great Godfather Frank stops by with Lu Lu

Getting bundled up for the store (one of my FAVE pictures)

Playing with Andrew

“Whoa! How does he do that?”

Howdy Partner!

Boys being boys

The Sheriff and his Mommy

Genna and Andrew trick or treating for the first time together 🙂

Oh the faces you will make for babies…

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