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Almost 11 Months, and so many firsts!

I was hard pressed to find a good quote for this month’s post. So many big moments in this past month, amazing, difficult, frightening, heartwarming, and just plain great. Evan has been his pleasant, strong, loving little guy all throughout.  He just lights up the room wherever we go.  Sometimes I just gaze at him and wonder how we created this gorgeous, bright eyed little guy.  God sure has big plans for us and for him.

The digestion issues seem to have finally begun to turn around in the past week or two. We have been to Jefferson and the pediatrician a few times and have tried several different strategies. They were not only concerned about his vomiting but also his lack of weight gain since he turned 4 months.  I feel like our little guy is like a marathon runner, he needs to carb load every day for all the rocking, rolling and moving he does non stop. But instead he is a bird, only eating little bits here and there.  (this is just my very uneducated opinion of course) He was doing well last week, eating a scoop of duocal (a high calorie supplement) with a jar of baby food two times a day along with his regular bottles.  He started to feed himself bottles which really seemed to help with his spitting up.  He was able to stop when he wanted to, roll around and burp on his own.  I do miss sitting with him and feeding him his bottles, but I do not miss the anticipation of his vomiting and the affect it was having on he and I each time he threw up.  Todd and I are learning he is very much like the both of us even at such a young age. He likes to make his own choices and control his environment himself, very much like Daddy. And he doesn’t do well with change, very much like Mommy.  🙂  But as we learn this, we are also learning the best way to care for him.  Poor little guy has pneumonia right now, and a chest x ray confirmed it.  So back onto an antibiotic he went…. 🙁 But it is very necessary and I am just glad his cough has already started to subside a little. 

But onto the fun stuff!!! He hit some major milestones this past week! 
We went on our first family vacation of the three of us that included his first plane ride!  We went to Boston for a trip Wed-Sat.  It was so much fun and Evan did so well the whole time, even though he started to develop his bad cough toward the end.  We went to Fenway Park and caught a ball game, the week of its 100th anniversary!  We went to the aquarium, zoo, the bar from the tv show, Cheers, and even introduced our little guy to Harvard!  One of his highlights was going the world’s only Curious George store. He was in Heaven!  During the vacation he clearly said his first word several times, “Daddy!”   We have yet to hear it again as clearly as on the trip, but he said it a bunch of times.  It was extra fun for Evan and Daddy to have so much time together.  We were able to spend a lot of quality time as a little family, hanging out in the hotel room just laughing and smiling at our little guy rolling all over the king sized bed.  He just never stops…. 🙂 
Sunday when we returned, I went out to the grocery store and Todd texted me that Evan had crawled officially for the first time.  When I got home, he showed us again and again that he indeed was crawling! I thought for sure he was going to skip right to walking since he is standing on his own and pulling himself up but apparently he can’t wait for that, he needs to crawl now!  He crawls the most to reach the laptop, especially when I keep moving it all around the floor.  He can wave hello or bye bye when he feels the mood strike him and he loves to make big bubbles in his mouth. I will leave you with his 10 month pictures, although truth be told, I took them just this Sunday when he was 5 days shy of turning 11 months. This month just sort of flew through my fingers.  
This is how most of the photo shoot went. 
Hard to get him seated nicely but this wasn’t too bad!

Happy happy little man.
Happy 10 months to our little piece of sunshine!

Some New Videos

Might not be super exciting but we do love taking videos of our little guy when we remember to! The first one is him laughing in the mirror and it is a little dark and sideways but you can hear him laughing at least! The second video down the bottom is of E sitting in his baby Adirondack chair playing with his music table and making this funny face. 


Nine Months!

Oh my gosh where has the time gone??? 
Our little guy is almost 10 months but you know how a tiny bit behind I always am in this blog.  He is such an alert, social little bug and we just adore him.  His big blue eyes just seem to get bigger and more interested in the world around him.  He watches us with such interest, and he soaks everything in.  He can play independently for a long time, and just laugh, talk, roll, and interact with his toys and his family and friends.  This past month he went on a swing for the first time, he stood while leaning on thing on his own, and he learned how to go from rolling, to sitting, to scooting all in a VERY short amount of time. You turn your back for a min and he will go from lying on his back to sitting up in a deep V.  We have had some feeding worries that we mentioned in the last blog but I do not want to bore you with all the nitty gritty details.  Suffice it to say, little E is a little “too” little for our doctor’s taste. His weight percentiles dropped and have not picked back up again since he was about 4 months old.  After all his colds last month he just lost interest in eating baby food and his bottle feeding became more difficult along with a lot of vomiting.  

So as of today, March 23rd, he is on baby Prevacid and a probiotic to straighten out his little tummy.  We are still trying solids as much as possible but the formula is what is going to give him the most caloric value.  It is hard not to play the comparing game, with friends having babies younger than E who have full mouths of teeth and they are cruising, eating finger foods, etc.  But our little guy is teaching us that there is no race to being a baby and growing.  I had a friend say to me the other day- think of the valedictorians of your class or the most successful people out there. Do you know when they walked for the first time? Or when they had their first potato puff without gagging?  Nope. Doesn’t matter one bit in the grand scheme of things.
God sure does know how to teach us patience and humility through our children.  Evan is a happy, social, pleasant little man who doesn’t need to do anything on a schedule. Except know that he is very loved. 🙂  Here are a few shots from his ninth month:

Talking about Dr. Seuss on the Doc’s birthday

Just being the cutest.

Those cheeks are pretty incredible, aren’t they?

Meeting baby Emery for the first time

After having blueberries for the first time

So happy to be Nine months!

Fun with kitchen utensils

Trying on outfit for Gran’s wedding

Mom, really, another photo shoot?

Making funny faces into the mirror

More February Fun

After some fun with the mirror
Fun with Aunt Shannon D

His first pro sporting event. Devils v Pens

Loving his avocados

So many spoons, so little time

Cousin Connor at his Black Belt Test
With Aunt Bebby

Gran’s Night Out with Aunt Shannon D too!

Cousin Jude born on February 25 to Aunt Christina and Uncle Patrick
Gavin born on January 25 to Aunt Kim and Uncle Larry

Aunt Kim and her sweet son
Evan on his nine month birthday

Extreme Close Up

I just love this perspective

Standing on Daddy’s new chair

8 Months

So here we are, 8.5 months into our son’s life.  There are a lot of things I am having trouble grasping right now. Here are a few: I can’t believe it is mid February on Tuesday, that I am going to Florida Wed night, that Evan is sitting up on his own, eating veggie straws, and making some consonant sounds.
This past month has really been an amazing one for a lot of reasons.  For one, Evan is really coming into this own, he is exploring his environment more and more every day.  He is sitting independently with less “teetering.” He is sitting for longer periods with books, turning the pages, looking at pictures and squealing.  He is a verbal Vinnie- talking all day long, sometimes in response to us, and sometimes just to hear himself talk.  My favorite time of day is after he has finished his “brekie,” as I call breakfast, when he sits in his high chair and I lean over the tray and just babble to him and he babbles back.  Todd has taken to leaning his head in and going forehead to forehead with him and they talk to each other. It is so cute.   He has just learned out to squeal, and he really amuses himself when he does so.  He is still not quite crawling but he is basically doing everything he could possibly do in preparation for it. He gets up on all fours, rocks, scoots his back legs in and moves forward a bit. But he can’t figure out how to get his arms to move in connection with his legs.  Every day he gets a little less frustrated so I know he will figure it out soon. Last week I took him in for a sick check up because he had a persistent cough and runny nose for about a week and the cough seemed to get a bit worse. Well the good thing is, the doc thinks he just has a virus, nothing serious.  She did however talk to me about his weight and his eating habits.  He hasn’t gained as much weight as they would like for him to keep trending up on the percentile chart.  She did mention that his 6 month appointment but due to the surgery and ER visit to follow, the doc thought he might catch up in the months to follow. We discussed his tendency to leak out of the side of his mouth when drinking his bottle (has done this since switching to formula back in month 2.) He also enjoys eating his baby food but has never done well with textures, or anything with lumps and bumps in it.  The doc said he should be up to eating finger foods now, like puffs, etc but there is no way he is ready for that, when he chokes on small pieces of banana.
Anyhoo…….she said that down the line he might need a visit to CHOP to see a feeding/swallowing specialist but for now we will just wait and see how he develops these skills over the months.  I, of course, could not just wait and see so I called my cousin Colleen who works at CHOP in this area and she gave me lots of helpful advice in a long phone call.  She also is not that concerned about him. He is thriving, happy, sleeping, eating, etc. So I am going to try the things she suggested and hopefully at his 9 month appt in March we will see improvement in his growth.  No teeth yet, just happy little gums. 🙂 My mom reminded me that my brother didn’t get teeth til the day before his first birthday and I was around 7 months or so, and it can run in families, so no worries yet. The little guy isn’t headed for dentures just yet. Just funny when we talk to friends with babies much younger than Evan with multiple teeth.  No biggie though.
Another wonderful thing to mention is that I have made some great connections with other Mommy friends both new and old.  I attend MOPS meetings and have made some great new friends that I hope continue even when I return to work in the fall.  I have had several friends have little ones in the past few months and I have tried to speak openly and honestly with them about my experiences, both good and bad, the hard and the wonderful.  I have been told by several people that I am one of the only people who are being completely candid and honest with them and that it makes them feel better about the doubts, concerns, worries, etc they experienced in early motherhood.  I vowed not to sugar coat and to be a good listener to my friends when they stepped into the crazy amazing world of being a mother.  I felt so overwhelmed and guilty for not being a pro in the beginning and I wished for ladies in my life that REALLY could relate.  I know I said this before, but my wise mother in law kept telling me that God was going to use me to speak into others lives at some point and that I was going through struggles so that eventually I could help others.  It was hard to believe at the time but I think she was right. 🙂
Here are some fun pix:

Moving around on the floor (looking like Mommy in my opinion. 🙂 )

Happy 8.5 months! (keeping with our picture tradition)


 “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
-Marcel Proust
So, about a month ago, Todd mentioned to me that I was not allowed to look at our credit card account or budgeting website because he was planning a “tricky surprise” for my birthday. (which is not until March 1, P.S.) I was a little alarmed because we had decided last December that we were not going to do birthday gifts for each other. I cheated a tiny bit and bought Evan a pair of Steelers pajamas which was more for Daddy than for Evan.  But he promised it wasn’t a big deal and said not to worry about it. Well in the last few weeks I had figured out he was going to take me somewhere, but I thought for a one night getaway to the Poconos or to a local B&B. Which STILL was too much. 
So that brings us to this past Wednesday. My mom, her fiance’ Rich, and Rich’s daughter Shannon came over for dinner.  Todd, in typical amazing form was in the kitchen preparing our pasta bake meal. I had offered to cook, but he insisted. Um, okay Hon, go for it! 🙂 Anyway, he comes out of the kitchen and asks if I want to find out about my tricky surprise now, Saturday, or a week from now. I was pretty flabbergasted and wasn’t sure how to respond. I actually love surprises. And everyone knows I am a bit of a lover of birthdays, especially my own. I hate to admit it, but I have always loved my birthday. So I wasn’t sure I wanted to ruin the surprise so soon, exactly a month before my actual birthday.  My mother piped in from the rocking chair, “Oh I think you better tell her now, she’s going to freak out.” Ok, so my mother knows?? So I must have looked really worried and confused because Todd decided to share his plan with me right then and there. He handed me a stapled packet and it contained the following text with some funny pictures (that I couldn’t figure out how to transfer):

The Case of the Much Needed Mini-Vacation

It started out as the happiest day in their lives. It was the day that
Evan Robert Putman was born. He was a delightful baby in every
sense. He wasn’t very fussy. He ate well—at first in bottles and later
with baby food carefully prepared by his mother. And speaking of his
mother, she worked hard to tend to his every need. She washed
7,458 loads of laundry last year! On 46,923 occasions she ran the
dishwasher. She changed 525,600 diapers! It was a remarkable
year. How she was still standing to make sure the house was in decent
order is beyond even the wildest imagination, but she did. This is
her story—the case of the much needed mini-vacation of Erin Putman.
It was a normal day at work for Todd Putman. He sat down at his desk and crunched some numbers. He had a spare minute and decided to look at his bank account. Much to his
delight, his family was doing very well financially at the end of the
year. As he is known to do, he started performing calculations in his
head.“Carry the one…and…after taxes…accounting for a
household repair or appliance replacement…yep, we can afford it.”
His next step was to email the family and see if someone could watch baby
Evan and their dog Zoey for a couple of days so that he and his beautiful wife could get away.
But where would they go? The possibilities were not limitless as they might be with no baby in the picture. Then again, precisely because Evan was waiting, we wouldn’t want this trip to be too long either. Todd had an idea. He checked the computer. Searching… Searching… Calculator…carry the one…yes, that would be possible!
Within about 10 minutes of sending the email, Todd’s mom had responded that she thought the idea was great and would love to help. She just needed to check with her husband to see if the proposed dates would work. Erin’s mom contributed to the effort by agreeing to watch Zoey. Everything started to fall into place. That night Todd’s mom reached out to let him know that top secret plan mini-vacation was a go! That night, Erin was with friends in Atlantic City, so it was easy for him to start booking things.
The biggest hurdle at this point of Todd’s trickery
was that he and Erin share financial transparency.
He would need to trust her not to snoop online at
either their bank account or credit card as he
planned this mini-vacation.
She agreed to let the “tricky surprise” be planned.
At first he thought about going somewhere fun and
romantic that they have never been together. Maybe
Montreal? Toronto perhaps? Maybe a cabin in the
mountains? No those might be too cold. Even though
we’ve had a mild winter, it might be nice to go somewhere
where we could walk around in shorts for a little while.
But those places are too far to justify a 3 day trip, right?
Well, maybe not all of them are too far. Todd checked out the average temperatures in South Florida, they are pretty mild even in the dead of winter…mid-seventies to be precise. The water temperature is also in the 70s. While it might not be bath water warm, it’s certainly warm enough to enjoy a swim and some time laying in the sun!
(He then inserted an agenda mapping out when we were leaving our house all the way through the three day vacation- including how Evan and our dog would be taken care of, etc.)
With that, the “tricky surprise” was sprung! Todd smiled to himself as Erin hugged him. It would be a trip to remember.
So…………….very soon we are heading to Southern Florida for a whirlwind three day vaca including some kayaking, one of the most beautiful beaches in the US, some hammock laying, and the list goes on……. 
I talk very often of how appreciative I am of my husband, he is such a wonderful husband, partner, friend, father, and companion. God totally knew what He was doing when he placed us together. Todd definitely makes my soul blossom……I love you honey.
Halloween 2009

11-2-08 (Best day of my life)

2-5-12 Daddy and Evan at Devils vs Pens game

January Pix 2

Hanging out on a chilly winter day

Sitting up and playing with one of his favorite toys, the Learning Walker

Looking at pictures of himself on Daddy’s phone
Ali, Charles, and baby Jonah come to  visit

Meeting Great Aunt Jean for the first time 
Little George

Cousin Scarlett playing with Evan
Aunt Christina with Scarlett and Simone, Mommy with Evan, and Aunt Jill with George

Hanging out on the floor at Mom Mom’s

Is it almost February already????

Wow I would have thought with the holidays behind us, that January would have been a slower month but I sure was wrong! It has been chock full of events, both happy and sad, and plenty of playdates, visits, and outings.  Evan hit the 8 month mark on Friday the 27th and I know I keep saying it, but I just can’t believe how time really has flown.  Back when he was born and everyone kept saying, just wait, you will see how this year will just disappear before you know it- I didn’t grasp the truth in what they meant. But looking ahead and realizing he is just a few short months away from hitting the one year mark- I am really starting to get it now!  He is now sitting up on his own- albeit you can’t leave him alone for too long bc he will tip over. 🙂 He also goes up on all fours with his belly off the ground and he rocks back and forth. He can scoot backward and he can roll forward, but not crawl forward yet.  No teeth to speak of, even though we have been told by plenty of people that he has been teething since birth. Evan loves his bouncer still, and he continues to bounce when you hold him in your lap.  His favorite toys are his sing and learn puppy, his race car track, and the learning walker.  He adores looking at pictures of himself on Daddy’s phone and on the wall. It makes him giggle and smile no matter what emotional state he is in at the moment. 
Few highlights from the month’s events:

  • Daddy had his first overnight without Mommy- she went to AC with some girlfriends and Evan and Daddy had boy time. 🙂
  • Evan and Mommy were a part of a TV show taping at Sweet Freedom Bakery!  The show is called Unique Sweets on the Cooking Channel. Evan had a taste of a cinnamon cruller on camera! Will keep you posted about the airing date.  
  • Charles and Ali came to visit with their new little guy, Jonah
  • Ryan and Kristin welcomed Emery Armaline into the world on January 15th. Evan met her this past weekend and cooed and chatted it up with his new gfriend
  • Kim and Larry welcomed Gavin Lawrence into the world on January 25th. We hope to visit them sometime in March to meet the little guy
  • Uncle Joe visited for the day and got in some good quality time with Evan and Mommy. (oh and Zoey, Uncle Joe is a BIG fan of hers)
  • Evan had a playdate with Sean and Zachary and had such a blast playing with the little boys. Sean was a little too young to “play” too much but Evan still talked away with him!
  • We were able to see the Bradford family for a short visit this past weekend. They were in town for a memorial service for Pearl Armes Kinnaird, she went to Heaven much too early, she passed on at 22 weeks gestation.  Very tough time for the Kinnairds, we pray for them daily.
  • Evan was able to meet his Great Aunt and Uncle and his cousins on his Pop Pop’s side for the first time this weekend at the annual Gaynor Gathering. It was fun to see Evan interacting with all his young cousins and also in the arms of his Pop Pop’s relatives. 
  • Gran announced her wedding date to Grandrich to be on March 17th of this year and we are over the moon with happiness for them! 

Coming up……

  • We visit the Seeses to see Connor attain his next belt during a grueling martial arts testing session
  • Evan attends his first professional sporting event when we take him to a Penguins-Devils hockey game
  • Mommy and Daddy participate in the Learning Stages Play in a Day festival, Daddy writing and Mommy performing!
  • We visit Grommel and Pappy and spend some good quality time with the PA Putmans
  • Baby Boy McGlinchey comes into the world on Feb 27th, we are so excited to meet him and learn his name! 

I’ll leave you with one cute pic, but there will be picture posts to follow, don’t worry 🙂 

One picture where you can really tell he is a Mama’s boy 🙂

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