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Choosing the bigger cart.

Hello my lovely, supportive, and probably bored readers.  I am very sorry that I have not been the diligent writer that I was last year.  I can give you numerous excuses but the biggest being that I have been falling asleep before 9 many nights and that was my prime writing time.  I do want to write a separate post about this, but the big news is that our household will be expanding to 4 in September.

17 weeks

17 weeks

I’m currently 18 weeks and doing very well.  Another time I will try to write about how different this pregnancy is, given our history and given we have this ball of boundless energy to contend with this time around:

Watch out!

Watch out! (Evan almost 4)

What I wanted to address in this post is this scenario, that I truly believe sums up most days of my life.

Have you ever entered a grocery store, thinking, okay…all I have to get are tortilla chips and salsa, so I will just grab a hand held basket and run to that aisle.  Then you find yourself remembering you need milk, canned beans, and some produce that you ran out of?  So you think, I can fit that in my handheld basket, no problem.  It’s not that long of a trip around the store.  But by the time you get to the register, your forearm is bruised from how heavy your basket is. And you think, jeez if I had just taken the time to get the bigger cart……

If that has never happened to you, then maybe this won’t make as much sense to you. But I have done that NUMEROUS times, especially when I was single and living alone. I always had the mindset that it would be silly for me to push around this big cart when I was only shopping for myself. And I almost always regretted that ridiculous assumption….

The larger picture is that this habit of putting too much into a small basket is a problem that I face with my life’s daily activities.  (I apologize to my close friends who I have already shared this with) I often will look at my calendar and think, sure! We can fit in a hippotherapy session

A little snow doesn't stop hippotherapy!

A little snow doesn’t stop hippotherapy!

two hours before a baptism party that is 45 minutes away. I can squeeze in a hair appointment and make it home to relieve my mom by the time I promised. (and I walk in 30 min late, every stinking time) I’ll think, Evan really deserves some outside time with me, I can fit in a walk with a playground run before I make dinner (and after working 7 hours)

Nine times out of ten, I find myself at the end of one of these too small basket days, feeling very harried, very disappointed in how the activities panned out, and just plain exhausted.  My husband and I both like to travel, hike, take day trips, etc but we will plan a weekend where there isn’t one moment free and at the end we’ll feel like we need a weekend to decompress from our weekend.

Sometimes I thrive on this activity, the busyness can be exhilarating, and just what I need.  Other times (and more often these days), when too many things are scheduled in a day, the actual activities will never live up to the expectation surrounding them because they just plain can’t! Because we are too tired to enjoy them or because we are busy getting stressed thinking of preparing for the next place we have to be.

Today found both little E and I feeling very under the weather. I think I have a pretty bad sinus infection and he has the beginnings of a head cold or the same thing. Of course being pregnant, the only real remedies available are the neti pot, humidifier and rest.

We were supposed to attend a family celebration this afternoon and my very wise husband talked me out of it, saying, you don’t feel well right? And Evan doesn’t feel well right?…..and the logic was too clear for me to argue. Even though the guilt monster crept in as it typically does.

This afternoon Evan (who you know has not taken a proper nap since he was 2) slept for almost 4 hours.


I slept for two, and then read a fluffy novel that had nothing to do with work , therapy, how to be a better parent, etc.  It was just to pass the time and help me to stay still.

I chose the bigger cart this afternoon, and I am much better for it.  I think my boys are too.  I just need to learn to do this when I do not have a stuffy nose causing me to make the decision. :-/

Second Guessing

Nothing makes you second guess yourself like having an ill child in your care. Should we take him to doctor? What is the right OTC treatment? Is there a safe OTC treatment? Did he have a fever? How is he eating? How about sleeping? Is his breathing labored? Define labored. How are his diapers? Should we consider ER visit? Doctor’s office is not open on the weekend. Can we afford to wait? Oh he seems better….now he is worse……but he’s giggling….
Deep breath. (By mom)
Just have to trust our instincts.
And pray for swift healing.

Counting from Ung to Ung

We thought Evan might have had his first ear infection, so we took him to the new pediatrician’s office today.  It was a very nice coincidence that Todd took off today so we were able to go together.  Luckily the nurse practitioner cleared Evan of an ear infection, and she was able to clear out a little of the wax without making him bleed.  Apparently he just has a run of the mill virus of some sort, and it just has to run its course.  We are praying our little hearts out that he will be well when we leave for the Dr. Mervis research study trip.  It will be difficult to get accurate results when he is not himself for the experience.
This morning he was having some Daddy time in the recliner and Todd was saying the alphabet with him and Evan continuously would repeat short sounds back to him like he was saying his own version of the alphabet. He sometimes would say bee, or whee, or ma, but for the most part he said ung. And then in the doctor’s office while we waited to be seen he counted from 1-10 and here is a little snippet.

PS, I think our bug looks big in this video, too! We had him weighed and he is up to 20.4 lbs!! Go Evan!
Oh here is another video I keep meaning to post. Evan discovered that if he opened and closed the mailbox on the schoolhouse a certain amount of times, it would say “You have letters!” and then play the ABC’s song. I noticed one day that he would sit and look at me patiently like he was waiting for something. I realized then that he wanted me to sing along. So it became a little game for him for a few days. You have to listen to us sing the alphabet three times though, sorry. 🙂 Enjoy!