“It was us baby, who were the lucky ones.”

There is a quote from the Tony award-winning musical, “Rent,” that has always stuck with me. (after seeing it 20+ times)

(sigh……… to be 19 again….)

A pivotal character dies and following her death, another character says, “you always said how lucky you were that we were all friends…..but it was us baby…..who were the lucky ones….”

When did he get so huge?

This is not going to be a blog post about a tragedy, so please take a deep sigh of relief. 

However, today I couldn’t take a deep breath for a few hours because I was so panicked.  I found out that not only was Evan’s main teacher going to be different this coming school year, but so will his one-on-one support aide.  

I found out late last school year that his main teacher would be taking a position in a different school district.  She has been his teacher for a few years and she is simply incredible.  She would send me messages from the field trip bus to ease my concerns. She would read any article I sent her, and she would try to incorporate any and all of the suggestions Todd and I have shared. But I completely understood her reasons for moving on, and because his aide was remaining consistent, Todd and I were feeling relatively positive about the upcoming school year.

Then today I find out through the grapevine that his aide has also accepted another job.  Again, completely understandable, she is young, she has her whole future ahead of her.  She deserves a full-time job with benefits.  But nonetheless, when I heard this little bit of news today, it felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.  

Summers are not my favorite for a slew of reasons, and in the most recent years, they have become even less savory to me due to Evan’s struggle with the lack of structure and familiarity that the summer months naturally provide/don’t provide. Because of this, we eagerly were awaiting September and the return of some normalcy. Some consistency.  Familiarity for Evan and for all of us as a family unit. But let me clarify….. we are not just bummed to lose these two professionals because they are familiar to Evan.

They are INCREDIBLE human beings. 

They have not only educated and supported our son, they BELIEVE IN HIM.  They see potential when others do not.  They know when to push him and when to take a step back.  His aide was brand new to our team this past September and at our first IEP meeting in October, she spoke up on his behalf without any prompting. She defended Evan and spoke of how amazing he is.


So this afternoon I did what I tend to do when I panic. I messaged several friends, hoping to hear a glimmer of hope or at least distraction from my worry.  

This is what a dear friend wrote back to my flurry of panic: “think of it as two more people that have the privilege to know Evan!”

Enter sound effect of car screeching to a halt in my head. Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

The new teacher and the new aide are lucky to get to work with Evan every day.  They are being given the privilege to watch and be a large part of his learning process.  

What an amazing way to look at it. We have felt so lucky to have such wonderful school staff members connected to us.  This continues to be very true. 

But it is “us baby, who ARE the lucky ones.” We are so very lucky to have Evan in our lives. 

To teach us patience.  To help us to listen more closely to every bit of a song.  To make us smile ear to ear when he giggles.  To teach us to appreciate the smallest accomplishments. To give us perspective.  The list goes on.


I love you kiddo.  I truly am one of the lucky ones. 

I get to be your mom.  Every day. 





2 Comments on “It was us baby, who were the lucky ones.”

  1. Christi
    August 7, 2018 at 11:04 pm (2 years ago)

    Wow. What a perfect thing for you to hear. I needed this today too as we had our LAST team meeting with Cary’s amazing ABA team who are phasing out this month and staring down the start of kindergarten at a new school. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  2. Erin
    August 7, 2018 at 11:27 pm (2 years ago)

    Kindergarten is lucky to have him! 🙂 hugs!


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