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I only have a few minutes before I pass out for the night but I have felt very negligent of the blog the last few weeks so I wanted to make sure to pop in.  I have had many moments in the past few weeks where I though, “ooh, I really need to blog about that.” I need to start writing ideas on napkins like song writers of yore. (if that ever was a thing?)
Being a working mom is no joke.
For real.
But I’m doing it.

Arrrr Matey! 

I’m about a month and two weeks into the school year.  I survived the difficult first few weeks. I’m not texting my friend at Evan’s school multiple times a day anymore.  I’m not feeling guilt laden as I browse through the messages on the local SAHM mommy boards  at all the fun activities they are doing throughout the day. Well, it is hard to feel guilty when you don’t read the boards anymore. (ahem, it was better for my sanity to take a little break) I’m figuring out how to make lunches, mix Evan’s “milk,” make myself presentable, remember my materials, Evan’s materials, and make sure the dog is taken care of- all before running out the door. Albeit not at the time I would like to get out the door, but I am working on it. I’m definitely not doing this alone. Todd has been awesome, feeding Evan on the mornings I take him to school, getting him dressed so I can run around like a ninny getting things done.
As I mentioned in another entry, Evan is doing so well at school.  He loves his teachers and they love him.  The other day I picked him up, and as I was pulling out of my parking spot- the kids who were still there were walking out to the playground. One little girl saw my van backing up and waved with excitement and said, “Bye Evan!” and my heart just soared.  It was the smallest thing, but it meant the world to me.  The fact that other children like to be around him and he is being well cared for, is really all that matters to me. 
The hardest thing right now, is finding a balance.  Time management-finding a way to take care of all aspects of my world- teaching, mothering, being a wife, friend, daughter, taking care of Evan’s therapies and health, and fitting in the occasional exercise class and a little time to breath. I’m sure that will continue to be a work in progress.  Thank you for all the well wishes and supportive messages I received in the first few weeks back to work.  I know I am not the first person to have to juggle a lot of different roles in a day.  In fact, I hope to learn from the many savvy working mothers who have already been there and done that and know what works best.

 More blogging to come later. My eyes seem to enjoy being closed right now. 

he’s worth it…..

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