Just to clarify…

Ok, I feel the need to clear something up.

I am NOT the poster woman for working mothers. 

Indeed, I am a working mother. 
And sometimes, I manage to make it through the day alive and mostly well with a happy son and a somewhat pleased husband.  
But more often than not, there is dirt on our kitchen floor that you could write your name in.  There is laundry that I can never seem to get through.  There are several months of insurance claims that I need to submit, and for some reason I keep avoiding.  I blow dry my hair and actually “do it” about three times a month. I left Evan’s “nap bag” at home today, I forgot my water bottle, and then I was picking up Evan from school this afternoon before I realized I had left my purse at work and had to go back and get it.  I yawn about 25 times in the afternoon hours.  I forgot about Evan’s OT appointment last Friday, thank goodness for Google Calendar reminders on my phone.
I still miss Evan while I’m at work. I miss him terribly sometimes. It can be hard to hear stories about his day that I have had no part of.  It feels strange to not get to work early every day, and to leave right on time without working late because I have to go pick Evan up from school.  I buy the ready made rotisserie chicken from Shoprite because I forgot to get chicken out of the freezer.  I often lament the lack of time I have with Todd one on one, but when we do have time to spend together and catch up, we often just need to rest because of how tired we both are. 
Don’t get me wrong, things are going better than I expected. Mostly because of how incredible Evan’s school is. And I truly do feel very blessed to have the job I do.
But as I stated before, being a working mom is no joke. And I give props to any woman or man who is navigating parenthood while also holding a full time job in or out of the home. It is quite the experience. 

Give yourself a little grace and give YOURSELF some props. You deserve it. 
Evan, the human boombox.

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  1. Kristi Rieger Campbell
    October 19, 2013 at 4:46 am (7 years ago)

    So true and so perfect. Visiting from Love That Max. Hope we can get to know one another more. Sounds like we have some DD issues in common…


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