Photo Dump

I am in the process of writing up an entry that is really special to me, but I really need to concentrate on it, and tonight I am heavy lidded. Thus…I thought it was time for a photo dump.  Some of these pictures are on Facebook, but not all our readers are on FB so I thought it would be nice to include them there. We just got a new lens for our camera so a few of these at the bottom were practice shots Todd took using the new lens.  We have a lot to learn, but already I can see the difference in the quality. 

Grammy (possibly turning into Mimi) and Evan cuddling in the Smokies

Yup, we are. But only for the picture.

Daddy and Evan outside of Louisville Slugger Field

On one of our hikes. I can see another glimpse into the future in this picture.

My amazing in laws relaxing in the Smokies

I just adore this.

During yet another hike

The whole crew

This is what happens when you stroller hike

Senior portrait, no?
Amazing in the car

Date night

Pool play date with the Posts

Getting taught about the Ipad

Wild Eagle roller coaster. Making Pop Pop proud

Cuddling with Pappy at the baseball game

Those eyes are my weakness. Or my strength.

Playing with his best friend Zoey
Seriously, ANOTHER high chair picture?

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