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I have a few topics brewing to blog about, but for right now, I thought just sharing some random occurrences and musings would work for a Friday post.

Produce Abounds
Monkey and My Smoothie

 On the Health Front:
 So I’m definitely doing “better” overall with food choices and with being active.  But I definitely have several days in a row where I slip, and I am feeling a bit all over the place with menu choices for dinner, and my breakfasts are starting to bore me. I considered juicing. I read a few articles, liked the idea of how quickly the nutrients would enter the body, and thought it would be a good way to get more fruits and veggies into my diet.  A dear friend of mine lent me her juicer to try, since they are so expensive to purchase. She wanted me to be sure it was the right fit for me.  Well, I thought about it for a few days, asked a nutrition expert friend of mine, and mulled it over. I decided that juicing actually was not the right choice for my needs. I wanted to get more fruits and veggies into my diet, and increase energy.  Juicing requires a LOT of produce for a little output, and bc of the quick absorption, my blood sugar level would spike and then plummet, which is sort of the opposite effect of what I would like. I tend to have blood sugar issues anyway, I always have. So……………back to making green smoothies I go. This time though, I am going to vary the fruit, lessen the dairy, and try to add in some different things like ginger, lemon, etc. I bought a LARGE amount of spinach and kale and I washed and bagged a bunch. I thought freezing fresh greens would be less than appealing, but when reading about it and thinking some more, I realized if I put it right into the smoothie, it will actually work out well because it will be cold and add to the smoothie-ness of the drink. I froze a bunch of bananas for smoothie purposes too.

Yum, tastes like Orange Julius!

At our CHOP visit earlier this week, we created a new nutrition plan for the bug, too. His calcium (well, what they were able to analyze anyway-that is another story), is okay, but we still have to be careful not to give him too much. The dietician informed me that just with his Pediasure intake, he is getting over the RDA of calcium for his age. That was news to me, and not good. So we are cutting out some of the pediasure, adding in almond milk and more purees into his “milk’ mixture. So little e had a smoothie today, too! He had 2 oz pediasure, 2 oz almond milk, half a pouch of Carrot, Sweet Potato Brown Rice, 1/4 of an avocado, and two scoops of Duocal supplement powder. PHEW! I am full just reading that!
We are also hoping that with less Pediasure, he will be more interested in eating a higher quantity of solid food. So far that hasn’t exactly been the case, but we are only on day two. Slow your roll, Erin, (as my friend Talia likes to say.)

I’m full now, Mama.

On the Random Front:
**My Mother in Law will be very proud of me, I cleaned my dining room chairs, got on my hands and knees and cleaned up part of the hard wood floor (we have it in a lot of rooms), vacuumed, and even dusted tops of pictures. It might not seem like all that extraordinary, but I did it, and we are not having company any time soon! 🙂
**Evan had himself a toddler-style epic tantrum today in Old Navy. So many bad decisions on my part led up to the tantrum but I still didn’t see it coming. I was stocking up on my favorite layering tank tops using some birthday money and Mr. e did not see it necessary for me to do so. So I had to hold him screaming, thrashing and falling out from under one of my arms while I pushed our gargantuan City Elite stroller out of the store. Not before I had to remember to put the few shirts I had gathered off to the side so they did not think I was trying to shoplift, ala After School Special 1989.Yes I garnered a few stares, but most of all, I had this odd feeling when we finally made it out. It was more of pride than horror. Pride because we made it out, and I was able to get him back into the stroller with smoothie in hand and he was placated immediately. But more so because it was completely age appropriate and expected of a 21 month old who was tired of being in a store. Prior to the meltdown he had also been eating pieces of a cereal bar and in between bites would moan a little and then sign “more” for me to give him another piece. Another HUGE accomplishment for Evan.  Believe me, I am not saying it didn’t exhaust me, and I am taking a little extra time for myself right now during his “nap” time (that is a loose term today) because of said exhaustion. But…..I have seen plenty of parents have to wrangle their kids in stores and it just sort of felt like a rite of passage. One of which there will be plenty more. 🙂
**Did a reader in Kathmandu really read my blog? Wow.

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