Post Holiday Info Purge

 Evan on Christmas Eve eying up the tree
Ahhhhh, the holidays have come and gone and another year has begun.  Social networking sites and blogs are lighting up with New Years resolutions, recaps from 2012, and pictures form Christmas morning. I try not to make “resolutions” per se, but rather look at the new year as a clean slate of sorts. I know my own bad habits better than anyone, and it is a good excuse to try to start anew and let go of some ugly unnecessary baggage. (in my case,about 30 extra pounds of it) But who’s counting?

In his Christmas finery
Todd has begun following the Paleo diet and I am back to weighing my portions, and saying NO to a lot of things that I have been allowing to creep into my diet, such as coffee drinks, desserts, cookies, any thing that has the word chip in it, etc.  I also signed up for a 5K in April and started taking piloxing classes. Yep, it’s not a pretty sight, but it is an amazing workout. I think I fell back on food as my comfort a lot this past year, and it is time to get that in check. With the amount of energy our little bug is showing lately, I am going to need to be in better shape to keep up with him. I am hoping to be less tired in 2013 now that Evan is sleeping through the night pretty consistently. We also hope to have more “date nights” even if that means a few hours together at a park while Evan has care, etc. Ok, maybe we do have some resolutions….oh well.
Fun with Emmy

They truly were two peas in a pod

Since our Kentucky trip, things have just been going at warp speed around here. We had a playdate with another WS mama and her adorable daughter, Evan participated in his first “Cookie Day,” Christmas festivities for days and days, early intervention 6 month review, and every day he seems to be doing something new and becoming more and more of a toddler. Next blog will be about that…phew!

Gazing at Grammy

He is continually taking different food risks, and even trying to spoon feed himself. Take cover!  I have really started to sign the word ‘more’ with him and do hand over hand to get him to sign it before I give him more solid foods. I can’t put a whole handful on his tray because he will just drop one piece out to put another one in. Just the other day he was eating pieces of french toast sticks and actually SWALLOWING them. Still about 50% pez dispenser expelling action but more swallowing than I have seen thus far. And somehow I managed to not eat more than a tiny crumb to model for him! Win-Win! New items he has tried this month: chocolate chip cookies, meatloaf, couscous, buttered waffles (second time, but this time he loved them), and french toast sticks.  It is still amazing to me that he is trying all these foods. I just have to continually remind myself that just because he does not do well with a food the first time, I have to reintroduce it. He is that way with a lot of his toys too, he will not know what to do with it at first, or show no interest. Then one day it will be his favorite toy. My next plan is to look up muffin recipes, and try to find one that is packed with nutrients and calories and try that with E for breakfast. He really likes baked goods and carbs. That’s my boy!

Pajamas really are the best.

Early Intervention update: Evan is going to start receiving speech weekly, OT 2x a month and PT 2x a month. He just qualified for PT services this past week. We had an assessment based on Dr. Mervis’ suggestion and our OT also thought it would be a good idea. It’s a hard choice, deciding how many hours are enough, but not too much, since we pay hourly.We understand that we need to follow through with the therapists’ suggestions during our time with Evan, and integrate things into his day.

New Year’s Eve fun with friends

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  1. Dawn
    January 8, 2013 at 3:38 pm (6 years ago)

    Maybe try this recipe? I found it on pinterest, and Noah is a fan…not sure how calorically dense they are, but they made me feel good with all the fruits and veggies in them. And yay for more swallowing!!! So excited for these milestones for E!


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