Monday Musings

Our Christmas Tree 🙂

I was going to be secretive about the pictures we took at the Christmas tree farm this weekend because I had grandiose plans about using some of them for the Christmas card and/or gifts. Alas, the Christmas card creation went in a different direction- so no need to hide them! Don’t you love Evan’s cute holiday sweater and Todd’s sexy professor cardigan? I love them. I think he got a little offended the first time I told him that, but I clarified that I truly meant it as a huge compliment. Can’t professors be sexy? 🙂

Up close and personal with a very docile donkey
In his glory with a large wheel

Anyway, so I just wanted to share some exciting things Evan has been up to in the past week or so, and to mention that the big Louisville trip to see the WS guru Dr. Mervis is imminent.  I probably will not blog again until we return and I will share about our trip.  It will not all be research, we have a bunch of sight seeing type things to check out too.  Todd and I had a chat about the trip yesterday. He grounded me a bit by reminding me that the research team needs this experience with Evan as much as we do, if not more.  Even if we do not get the information we are hoping for- we will have helped a larger cause- and hopefully parents of children who are diagnosed with Williams Syndrome 5, 10, 20 years from now will have a larger knowledge base to work from. At the very least, Evan will get to play with some new toys, we will eat some Kentucky BBQ and learn what it is like to travel 8+ hours in the car with 4 adults and a toddler. 🙂

Perusing The Night Before Christmas

This past week Evan surprised me by rolling his hands independently during “The Wheels on the Bus.” I was so caught off guard. I was feeding him in the high chair and absentmindedly singing and all of a sudden he started “rolling” his hands. I was so excited. Then I tested it out and sang “Pattycake” and he did the same thing during the roll it part.  It is so amazing how much babies take in when you don’t realize it.  I have always said his receptive vocabulary is stronger than his expressive and that he watches us and soaks it all in. This movement was an example of that observation because I wasn’t even doing the motions when he did it.  Little developments like that keep me motivated to keep on keeping on. 🙂 He is also starting to say “baby” as his main word. I would say that is his first official word- considering that “whee” was more repeating and he will say baby spontaneously.  We have used a few flash cards with him and when you show him the baby one, he smiles immediately and makes some sort of sound with two b’s, and most of the time it sounds very much like the word “baby.” He is definitely going through another developmental growth spurt because he is taking forever to fall asleep again and his energy level is through the roof.


 Hopefully the next time I write, I will have interesting news to share from our Kentucky experience. Wish us luck in our travels!  Thank you again for reading, and for all your support of this blog.  It means a lot that you take time out of your day to read about our family.

Fun with cutouts, teaching him early.

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