Sweet Potato Love

Creating the yummy meal

Did some double bib action

Before the excitement 

So I am doing blog entries a little out of order because I need Todd’s assistance with the Knoebel’s blog. I also need to blog about Halloween and the PA Putmans weekend. But….I just couldn’t wait to post the pix and video of Evan enjoying his first solid food-sweet potatoes! He has had rice cereal a few times but just wasn’t loving it and I thought I might try a veggie and see if that suits his fancy. The pediatrician said any time after 5 months would be fine to start fruits and veggies. I have bananas getting ripe too and they will be our second foray into solids. Needless to say there is no question Evan is my son, bc he loves to eat!! He gobbled down every bite and only gagged a tiny bit on the first bite when I think he was just getting used to the texture.  He kept grabbing at the spoon and opening his mouth for more. It was so easy to make too, I hope all the baby foods go that well!! Enjoy the pictures and video! I sure do dislike hearing my deep voice on video…sigh….oh well no one is listening to me anyway! 🙂

After the excitement 🙂

Like father, like son

Just hanging out after dinner (in his special outfit from Shirley!)

Loves his feet!

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  1. sjput
    November 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm (9 years ago)

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to put together this wonderful BLOG. What a blessing and joy you are to us.

    Loved the sweet potato video!!! You are doing a great job…..


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