Thoughts During Contractions

So yes, you read correctly, it is 11:30 pm on 5-26 and I am blogging about contractions. 🙂 So they started today while I was getting ready for my mom to pick me up. We went to Philadelphia to go to her three pre-surgery appointments. She is having back surgery on 6-10. Her appointments were all in or around Pennsylvania Hospital, where we are having Baby P. So I figured hey why not? I can keep my mom company and if I do happen to go into labor, I will be right there! 🙂 Well obviously that did not happen but I did get progressively uncomfortable as the day went on. I will spare you the gory details of all the prelabor things that are going on (unless you are pregnant or are curious, you can ask me off blog) but suffice it to say, I had some waves of pains but they were sporadic and very far apart. If you know me, you know I very rarely will pass up an opportunity to eat out. Todd was planning to meet us for lunch after my mom’s appointments and because I was so uncomfortable I asked if we could head home and just get take out. Nuff said. 🙂
So we picked Todd up, took him home with us (he got out a tiny bit early) and enjoyed a take out meal from our fave local Italian joint. After my mom left I started to get the contractions again but I was really tired so we both decided to lie down for a nap. I woke up about an hour later feeling energized (which I know am realizing is also a sign of pre-labor) and I started putzing around the house. Suddenly I was hit with three contractions in the span of about 45 min while Todd was still napping. I knew this might be starting to be something substantial but I didn’t want to get too excited. So I tried to ignore them. Todd woke up and said he would start timing them using this computer program.
That brings us to now, and we have been timing them for over 3 hours. It’s so funny because for weeks I have been asking people and reading online trying to figure out what contractions feel like so that I can distinguish between the braxton hicks ones I have been having and real ones.  NOW I know why they say you will know when they happen. !!!! Man they are doozies. I can feel them pretty much everywhere and including my abdomen and they wrap all the way around my back and shoot down my legs. They keep getting close together and then spreading apart again. All the cliches have been true, I got really hungry so I ate random things over the last 4 hours and I have been cleaning like crazy! I didn’t know nesting would happen DURING labor!! 🙂  It’s hard to sit or lie down bc of discomfort and when I do sit, I feel like they are getting further apart. I’m standing and typing this.
This is what a random pair Todd and I are. He just made two bottles of sarsaparilla and I ate blueberry waffles with peanut butter while having contractions.  Zoey is just curled up sleeping through all of this. 🙂 I’m going to hold off on posting this because I don’t want to get everyone excited if this doesn’t add up to a hospital visit.
Again thank you for all the nice messages I have been receiving lately online, by phone call, and text. I really feel cared about (and I know Baby P does too).
Both Debbie and Todd predicted the baby would arrive tomorrow 5-27……
Here’s hoping the next time I blog will be a few weeks from now with pictures of our little guy. Maybe I truly was just a day or two away from change last night……………

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